Spanish Camps - Daily Schedule
¡Bienvenidos! Welcome! 

We are looking forward to summer camp! Below is a sample schedule of what campers experience in a typical day at camp as well as other helpful information. 

Daily Schedule:

Due to the warm summer weather (woohoo!), we do lunch, literacy, and some of the craft/culture activities outside, weather and the nature of the activities permitting.​

Daily Projects​
Each morning, we break into 2 groups: One group does the morning project; cooking or a special craft, while the other group plays language games. After snack, the groups switch, giving all children a chance to do both the project and language games.

The afternoon group will do a large, ongoing project for the week. Projects from past years have included Calabazas Pintadas,(Peruvian painted gourds), Piñatas, and Joropo Maracas.

Speaking Spanish at camp
We use Spanish almost exclusively for giving directions, completing crafts, and playing games. We reserve English for cultural discussions (which introduce our craft projects and literacy activities), safety/discipline Issues, and to comfort children who’ve been hurt or are upset.

In addition to the actual words we speak, we incorporate:
•body language & gestures (pointing, facial expression, etc)
•picture cues to alert a change of activities, “menus” for snack and craft activities or when a child is offered a choice
•tone of voice helps differentiates a “Well done!” or a “Please stop.”

While the vast majority of campers eagerly use Spanish during the day, each child will ultimately choose how much Spanish they use. Our instructors are well-trained to enthusiastically encourage children to “practice Spanish” while minimizing performance pressure.

What to Bring:
•Healthy, NUT FREE lunch
•Water bottle filled with water for lunch and outside time
•Sunscreen (Please PRE-SUNSCREEN prior to camp)
•Paint shirt or smock if desired for craft & cooking projects

Before and After Care:
Due to the size of our program, we are unable to offer before or after care at this time. 

Pick Up & Drop Off:
Safety is our number one priority.  Please make sure to include all authorized pick up people on your registration form.  All adults picking children up should expect to show picture ID.

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Arrival, Welcome to Camp!
Opening circle, songs, show & tell, introduction to day’s activities
Small groups: crafts/cooking & language games
Wash & snack
Small groups: crafts/cooking & language games
Outside play & activities
Wash & lunch
Group literacy/folk tales/poetry
Group craft/long term art project
Passport entries, closing circle
Outside play & activities