FAMILY Spanish Language in Play, 18mos - 5yrs
Immersion lessons where you learn alongside your child! Songs, games, and lots of movement make these classes fun & engaging for the whole family! 6-week session (1x per week, 45 min), $98 

Praise for our Family classes!
"J. is LOVING class! It has surprised me how age appropriate this class is. It has already been so great for her. We are 3 classes in and she is already saying 3-4 Spanish words at home.Not only is she learning Spanish, but also really great social skills." - Sara, mom to Jabana (18mos)

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Preschool Spanish Language in Play, 3-5yrs old
Our wonderful teachers are energetic, fun, and highly trained in fostering emerging language skills. With our small classes, teachers focus on each individual child's learning style and creates a fun and comfortable atmosphere for everyone. Early literacy skills are encouraged with picture/word pairing and hands-on reading activites. With lots of moving, singing, and game-playing, our students LOVE speaking Spanish and develop a lasting appreciation for the Spanish language!
On-site at your child's school OR as an In-home Group

Praise for our preschool classes!
We are so happy with how Spanish is going! The kids all love it and are very positive about the experience.  Just about every parent has commented on their child singing the songs at home (especially "Hola, hola" and the song with about the hidden color).  We are already wanting PELP to be a part of our school next year!   - Amy, director of Heartwood Preschool

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Elementary Spanish Language in Play
With lots of exciting and brain-powered games, our students speak in phrases from the very first class! Our instructors create an environment that fosters a natural process to using language, where students speak to each other, have opportunities to be "teacher," and build confidence in themselves as individuals. Classes are fun & active with an emphasis on speaking. Students gain basic literacy skills in Spanish by creating "puzzle piece" sentences, role plays, active bookreading, and more!
On site at your child's school OR as an In-home Group

Praise for our elementary classes!
We have loved having Stella participate in your wonderful programs!  
This has really been the missing piece for us in not having Stella 
attend a bilingual school, and we have so enjoyed watching her 
Spanish comprehension and vocabulary grow over the years. 
- Katherine, mom to Stella (3rd grade) 

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In-home Groups & Tutoring
Having Spanish lessons in-home can be a really powerful 
experience. Your child sees that you value what they are learning, 
which can translate into increased confidence. In-home lessons 
also accelerate the process of speaking Spanish outside the class 
setting and into the "real world!"

1 child: $65/lesson
2 children: $75/lesson ($37.50 per child)
3 children: $85/lesson ($28.33 per child)
4 children: $90/lesson ($22.50 per child)
5 children: $95/lesson ($19 per child)
6 children: $100/lesson ($16.67 per child)
7+ children: $14.85/child per lesson

Given the importance of consistency and repetition in learning a language, classes are intended for the full school year. In special circumstances we may make exceptions. Please inquire.

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