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BABY Sign Language in Play (5/6 months - 24 months)
All of our classes are play-based with strategy sessions included each week.  Our teachers' training in speech and language development means that families will learn more than just signs and we go WAY beyond "more", "milk", and "all done"!   Families will learn the tricks-of-the-trade,  the HOW TO of signing.  Research-based strategies are incorporated into all activities giving families opportunities to practice signs and techniques during class. All of this practice (and immediate feedback from an instructor) means families can walk away from class confident in their ability to carryover signing at home. This is crucial for success!  Through songs, play, and strategy discussions, families learn how to sign effectively during the day, increase the intimacy of their interactions, enhance concept development and verbal language development, and understand how their baby sees & enjoys her world!!  

All class tuitions include take home handouts with color pictures of signs, strategies and song lyrics from class.  
sign language in play
PELP's Baby Sign Language in Play classes are play-based classes that excite families about using American Sign Language (ASL) signs to connect, bond and deepen their relationships. PELP's classes are one of a kind and the most comprehensive classes in town! 

"Isabella is a signing machine! I really can't imagine what our lives would be like with out her ability to communicate this way. THANK YOU for this gift.  It's truly amazing!"  -Ana, mom to Isabella, 13mos

Our classes are the only classes in Portland designed and taught by licensed Speech-Language Pathologists and Deaf Education Specialists who have years of experience signing with babies, children and parents.  Our experience and extensive training in language acquisition sets families up for success in their signing journeys.  We are passionate about parent/child relationships, language, and language development and we love sharing our passion with you!

We offer classes in various family friendly locations throughout Portland and Vancouver.   

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Beginner Basics 
meets 2 times, 1hr each class ($40)
This class is a thorough introduction to the basics designed for busy families. Week 1 introduces the benefits of signing with baby and how to get started (how many signs, what types, etc). Week 2 introduces families to strategies for successfully incorporating signs into daily life and allows families an opportunity to get support and ask questions following the first week of class.  Families learn ~40+ signs for daily routines and play time.  

Series Classes 
Our Series classes meet weekly over the course of 5 or 6 weeks and are the most comprehensive way to embark on your signing journey.  Families come together each week to learn new signs, strategies, ask questions, get feedback and have support while waiting for baby to sign back.  Families love these classes that are designed to get you started and keep you going on your signing journey.  In fact, many families even end up repeating classes 2-3 times just for fun!

Series A: Start Signing with Success  
*this is the class most families begin with, the Beginner Basics is NOT a pre-requisite for this class*
meets 1x/week for 5 or 6 weeks, 45mins/class ($84/$100)
Signs: meal time, play-time, daily routine, early animals and more
Targets 80+ signs
Strategies for signing effectively and meaningfully, enhancing language development, recognizing baby's first signs, encouraging baby to sign back, helping baby to notice signs and more. 

Series B: Signs for Early Learning  
*pre-requisite completion of Series A and 10mos+
meets 1x/week for 5 or 6 weeks, 45mins/class ($84/$100)
Signs: outside, farm animals, opposites, family and more
Targets 80+ signs
Focus on signing to extend and further interactions and support understanding

Series C: Advanced/Abstract Concepts 
*pre-req completion of Series A,B and 10mos+
meets 1x/week for 5 or 6 weeks, 45mins/class ($84/$100)
Signs: transportation, emotions, colors and more
Targets 80+ signs​
Focus on signs for advanced concepts and signs to support spoken language

In-Home Groups 
We will bring our classes to your mom's group or play group!  
Taking a class in your home is a fun and meaningful way come together with friends each week.  

* Any of the SERIES classes above: 6+ families, $100/family, 1x/week for 6 weeks, 45mins/class
* BEGINNER BASICS: 6+ families, $40/family, meets 2x for 1hr/class 
(contact us for pricing for smaller groups)

please note, prices above are for groups in Portland proper.  Contact us for pricing outside of the Portland metro area

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"We have LOVED this class and can't wait for the next one!  Thank you for being a great teacher and doing this work with such passion and joy!"
-Mari, mom to Silas, 8mos